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Everyone loves a good story. here is ours.

As members of the Rising Generations, CRUxMKTG has grown alongside our peers, beginning our journey as college students within the Atlanta University Center, home to Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University. 

Producing events for Atlanta's college community, we became known for our ability to consistently bring our peers together in large numbers. Often our classmates would reach out for help marketing their parties, music, clothing lines, art and more.

The CRU brand grew from opportunities to support our friends, and amplify their creations. 

Not new to this.
True to this.

Becoming an official brand in 2010 (not yet the current CRUxMKTG), our first client was a college start-up clothing brand, Crushed Pearls. Tasked with helping launch the brand, we produced photoshoots, look books, and a premiere event to spread awareness.


The premiere event, was a concert headlined by a rising artist (at the time), J.Cole. Along with local artists as openers, we engaged local businesses and promoters - laying the foundation for the framework of our CRUxMethod®. 

Create. Change. Together.

As we continued, we realized the influence our generations creators had amongst our peers. Simultaneously, we came to the conclusion that we were facing the same political, economic, and social problems past generations had faced. 

So we made a decision. Utilize the influence of Rising Generation creators, to influence sustainable poticial, economic, and social change. Understanding the power our generations have to enact change, we focused solely on the development of platforms that were creative, relevant, and cultivated a foundation for sustainable change.

Creator Community.

Remaining true to our new mission, we developed a community of creators within the city of Atlanta.

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