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The CRUxMKTG vision is to utilize the Millennial & Gen-Z demographics (Rising Generations) social and creative cultures, to influence the way the Rising Generations and Corporate Brands cultivate relationships that builds brand loyalty and sales, while assisting in the development of a more equitable society.


Through CRUxMKTG services, subsidiaries, and owned properties, we will develop beneficial partnerships between our peers (Rising Generations), corporate brands, and local communities. These partnerships will assist in the development of resources that directly implements sustainable cultural change on a global scale.

Understanding the Rising Generations to be the most able influence that change. We utilize the cultures and creative industries that most engage our peers, to cultivate platforms that influence them, and sequentially, corporate brands, to enact change in communities around the world.

Pronounced Crew
Like squad, gang, unit.
It's also representative of the "CRUx" or center of something. We like to believe we operate at both the center of the Rising Generations' culture, - And where the Rising Generations', corporate brands and communities intersect.



each of CRUxmktg's subsidiaries work together.


THEY EACH accomplish the mission of INFLUENCING the Rising generations and corporate brands to cultivate sustainable change in communities

around the world. 


We call it the Crux-ecosystem.

More Than An Agency.

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