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We are CRUxMKTG (welcome to our soon to be awesome website). Pronounced [Crew Marketing]. 

Like the above sunflower, organic relationships with our Millennial & Gen-Z peers, ("Rising Generations" as we at CRUxMKTG like to say), are developed through a natural process of growth. A journey that ultimately leads to a blooming partnership, rooted in mutual trust, real results and loyalty.

Most try to attain our peers trust and loyalty, through the use of traditional marketing methods and the guidance of the usual advertising agencies. However, the innovative, the wise, and the creative... use CRUxMKTG. 

Soon we'll enlighten you on who we are, what we're all about, and how we creatively influence the way our peers, engage with corporate brands, local communities, and each other. 

For now, check out our manifesto (the button below), and if there’s some synergy, link up!

Join the CRU and let's create. change. together.


Got it. Email coming soon!

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