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The CRUxHouse vision is to create a space where our rising generation peers can cultivate their creative talents, collaborate with other creators, and obtain resources to advance their career.


Ultimately, sharing their creations with the world.


Originating in 2013 and located in South West Atlanta, The CRUxHouse served as an actual home of CRUxMKTG Founder, Suli Chillis and a group of our Atlanta creative peers.

We opened up the home, to serve as a tool, to bring together creators within the city of Atlanta. The CRUxHouse was a space for the cities rising creative leaders, to socialize, connect, and create.

Also known for its impromptu house "kick-backs", in which the guest list was a "who's who" among Atlanta's creative scene, the CRUxHouse quickly became a place for Metro-Atlanta's creators to hang-out, create, and give-back at the same time.


The CRUxHouse will provide a creative co-working space that is equipped with the tools and resources needed for Atlanta’s creative freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Creators within art, music, fashion, film, tech and more, can create, connect, and advance their creative careers through membership at the CRUxHouse.

Various membership and space rental packages will be available, with members benefiting from an inspiring environment, creator tools and resources, increased motivation, an expanded network of professional contacts, and a sense of community.

The space will be host to CRUxHouse classes, workshops, and social events to further support CRUxHouse members.

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A place where you can Create, collaborate, and feel comfortable enough to get in your zone, and share your creations with the world.



Register below for more information on membership and the launch of the CRUxHouse: Atlanta. 

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